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Digital and Reality
Magazines, whether they are print or digital, have always relied on advertising as their primary source of revenue. Within the last decade, print publications saw a loss of 40 billion dollars in ad revenue, whereas digital ad revenue grew 18% to about $50 billion.
Reflect AR
Our aim is to fill the gap for print media by using augmented reality in combination with machine learning and artificial intelligence to help publishers enter a new era.
Increase readership engagement with ads.
Provide exclusive content to your readers
Ad Revenue
Create a new revenue source for your ads
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Value to User
Cost-saving deals specific to the ads
Exclusive content to make more informed purchase decisions
Streamlined process towards purchase decision
A point system where you can redeem your time spent for rewards
Never lose track of the products you love by favoriting them
Share and like the products you discover and earn points
Value to Publisher
Increase readership engagement with ads
Provide exclusive content to readers
Create a new revenue source
Analytics to understand which print ad is generating views and engagement
Get detailed demographic information about your reader
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